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Quality, Unique Content is Key

Quality, Unique Content is Key

web contentWhen it comes to any type of media or entertainment whether it be movies, television, music, newspapers or books; fresh content, fresh stories and new tunes are and always will be the crucial key to success and growth. When it comes to your web site and how the search engines rank it, this simple fact is no different. Your web site must have new and original content if it is to survive in an ever increasing competitive internet landscape.

Have you ever considered how search engines such as Google find the content to respond to a users search request? Around the clock major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo send out robots to crawl the vast reaches of the internet looking for and indexing the latest and greatest in content. Because they want to provide the best search results as possible, among other things, they prefer to respond with new and updated content.

Because of this need for freshly updated material, you will tend to see Blogs rank high in Google thus see the benefit of increased web traffic. Of course their search engine optimization (SEO) campaign must also be properly configured. Because many of these sites use WordPress, they tend to be configured in a manner in which Google likes and of course, their updated article post and the comments and feedback they receive is a big help. A website without content being updated or lack of visitor activity will see itself quickly become dry and outdated.

Aside from being fresh, another important factor to consider on how they will determine how best to rank your site high is how you perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your content. The best SEO is usually attained by the presence of keywords in your content. If you want to achieve Google rankings for a key phrase such as “SEO Consultants” or “SEO Services”, you want to make sure that you mention that phrase a few times in your article so that they will associate that phrase with your web site. But be careful not to over do it. They will see that as a sign that you are purposely trying to outsmart them and may penalize you for that by simply assigning a lower score to that particular page thus hindering its search rankings.

It is important that the content you provide be unique. Meaning that there should not be 10, 20 or more duplicates of your article elsewhere on the web. Google is smart enough to recognize this and if there are copies, you won’t get as much ranking value as you would if it was unique. There are two main purposes to having good content. One, so that you keep your site visitors interested and coming back for more which translates to increased web traffic and two; so that the search engines will take notice of you and rank you high amongst its search rankings. There is a fine line between pleasing both the visitor and the search engines so do your best to please both when creating your content or locate an SEO – Search Engine Optimization company consulting that can help you do it.

Guest Post provided by Anthony Nune

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